Stock transactions

Hello experts,

I have a question about stock transactions.

Does NAV have a form with which I can make a simple stock out (goods issue) and a stock in (goods receipt)

I want hand out a simple item from my warehouse, and take it in.

Thank you

I think you will be able to do this with an Item journal - positive and negative adjustment. Bear in mind it does not post in the GL and also pay attention to the cost.

The other option is a sales order (for a stock out) and a purchase order (for a stock in) which I prefer, because it does all the necessary postings.

Yes, that is what I need. No post to GL account just quantity.

Thank you very much

It will make a GL entry, otherwise you will have a major issue with your reconciliation of the inventory asset account. The entry will be Inventory asset and offset to the inventory asset adjustment account.

I do not use Automatic Cost Posting, in the inventory.

aaa, yes [:$] it does make GL entries just as AdamRoue says. Very good correction, Adam [Y]. My mistake. Otto, listen to what AdamRoue has said.

well, I have to read the Inventory manual once again …[8-)]

Automatic cost posting may not be on, but you will still run the adjust cost item entries and post to GL I presume? If not you never value your stock, never post COGS, never have margins and therefore you will be able to adjust stock without worry because you do not value it! [:D]

Please somebody uncheck my post at 17:03 as a solution, because there’s a BIG mistake in it.


Thanks Dhan.

Shame on me.

No shame, we all learn, and you answered, which is more than many do - do not be to hard on yourself [:D]

Bravo, its great to see posts like this. As Adam says we all learn, and when we acknowledge mistakes we learn faster.