Stock Status report showing -ve value

Hi All,

Stock status report showing -ve inventory value and physical value though item quantity is +ve.

Please support how to correct this issue, for reference stock status report screen shot attached.


Look at the costing method, look at the outbound transaction and figure out the cost and why it used it, then if the stock is not negative run the inventory close process to recalculate the costs (if not standard).

Hi Adam,

Thanks for reply, well I checked costing method is FIFO, and it has been seen, transfer journal passed from one location to another location, I guess transfer journal should not have any financial impact on GL.


That is correct the transfer journal will not impact, so you have to trace it back up the tree until the booking in cost is found. You need to pick it all apart to find out your answer.

Thanks Guys,

I run recalculation, now its showing correct value for inventory…