Stock Scenario

Hi Guys

Can you suggest for the following

A customer orders has 100 units

Customer pays for the 100 units but only wants 50 sent first. We invoice for the 100 and charge carriage for the 50.

The other 50 units will be held at our warehouse and shipped as and when they need it but will incur a carriage charge for each shipment.

What would be the simpliest method for this?

We are using nav2009 btw


Change Qty to Ship to 50, print Order, and post shipment.SO will remain there with the other 50 in Qty to Ship field for you to post later.

Qty to Ship defaults to Qty, but you may change it, the same with Qty to Invoice. These columns may need to be “unhided”, by default they are not visible.


Since you want to Invoice out completly for 100 Units and then ship partially, i would suggest the following by using “Sales Advance Prepayments”.

Create a Sales Order, on lines key in Qty as “100”. Key in the “Prepayment %” as 100 which means you are receiving a 100% Advance Payment from Customer.

Post the Prepayment Invoice Now, as per your Rule, Invoice is completly recognized but as an Advance Prepayment.

Now, in the field “Qty to Ship” key in as 50 and assign the Carriage Charges via “Item Charges” post the Sales Order-Ship & Invoice. For every partial Invoice Posted, Navision will reverse out the Advance Payments posted and will post in the Actual Invoice Amount.

Now, repeat this until you want to ship out all the Items and as well assigning of Item Charges. This case is only applicable if you want to Recognize the Invoice for Qty 100 Completely Prior to posting of Shipments. If not, you can follow as suggested by Modris.

Please Test it out in your New Version Nav 2009 prior to doing it Live Navision.



thanks foir the quick response guys

Just to add somthing to the mix

Can i move the remaning 50 units into say a thirdparty location and ship from that third party location would this be possible?

We get a lot of customer who order a large quantity, pay for it and have partial shipments as and when they need them. In which case the stock belongs to them so it would be a good idea to have this stock put into a “virtual” warehouse and ship from that warehouse.

This will allow us to see what stock we have remaining for our customers

Hope this makes sense and fits in to STD NAV

thanks again Guys

Instead of moving Items to some “On-Hold stock” you may consider using Reservation functionality of NAV…

Create a 3PL warehouse, set it up as a SKU from the item, set the replenishment as transfer from main stores, load the sales order on the 3PL.

Use reservations to ensure any sales order triggering transfer remains unavailable to other customers.

Setup the posting groups to distinguish by warehouse to account financially for third party held stock and run the valuation reports accordingly.


Ive set up a 3PL And Set up SKU as stated.
Do you now do a transfer of stock to 3PL then raise SO from this location?

What happens if i want to invoice the full 100 units but ship other 50 units out at a later date? This method would only allow me to invoice what i ship is this correct?

thanks again

You transfer the stock using a transfer order, you would run planning to create the relationship, assuming demand is on the 3PL in the first place.

None of the scenarios allow you to ship 50 and invoice 100. You can only invoice what you ship. You can process prepayments as Blue Sky suggests, and then ship and invoice as the demand arises.

thanks for you input guys. I will go with Bluesky’s suggestion as that seems to best fit without bespoking