Stock Reservation

We are using NAV 4 SP3

Is there standard functionality to automatically make stock reservations for sales order lines when stock is recevied?

Is this functionality commonly required?

Are there plans to deliver this sort of functionality?

In Customer Card and Item Card you can define reservation method. You can define to reserve item every time you insert in a sales line.
Do you want to reserve items before having a corresponding purchase order?

Thanks for the prompt response.

The system is implemented in a business where we have different priority customer orders also with part / complete shipment. Some to be deliver in part some to be delivered in full (qty and lines), some to be delivered as a priority some to be delivered on date. In other words, we process sales of systems, sales of spare parts/consumables and sales for service that are needed urgently for the same part from the same location.

We need to reserve stock when available for some order lines; other order lines can be reserved later.

When a sales order is created it is probable that the part is not in stock and so we want/need to reserve stock (according to some rules) as soons as it becomes avaialble.

We can process many orders per day / week so manual monitoring / intervention is not practicable.

We use Reserve = Always on sales lines; even if no stock available.

We would liek to run a daily job / report that searches through sales lines and attempts to reserve stock for the sales order.

Does that make more sense now?

Every time you insert a sales line, reservation engine it’s triggered.
You could run that tat report/job to run reservation management again in sales order lines that aren’t reserved. You could sort sales order by customer priority.

I did not know that - thank you very much - I will investigate.

This is very lazy of me but…! Do you know if the reservation engine will run quietly - without error messages or prompts?

Thanks again.

There are a few coditions to show errors. If you have C/AL knowledge I advice to view codeunit. 99000832 - Sales Line-Reserve