Dear friends I urgently need your help. I am new user of NAV financial package and i have a problem in getting the correct closing stock.-Problem:

The opening stock value constantly changes and the auditors ask us to find the difference which I am unable to.Example

I have the closing stock value for the period jan09-dec10 as opening stock 100,000 and the closing stock as 150,000. this report was run on 31.01.11. On 28.02.11 I run the stock valuation report for the period jan10 - dec11. I found the opening balance changed from 150,000 to 130,000. Why is this difference. The method used for cal. stock is FIFO.

Secondly Pls. if you can help me by writing the steps to be followed to get the stock value.



Which report id are you using to check the valuation ?

Manish thanks for the reply i have used Inventory valuation report please.

Before you run this report, you should run the Adjust Cost - Item Entries batch job. If you do this, the values shown in the Inventory Valuation report will be up-to-date.