Stock Received, Not Invoiced (R10540) (GB only)

Hi, I have been looking into an issue with the Stock Received, Not Invoiced report (R10540) in the GB version of Navision. This works by searching the Item Ledger Entry table for Item Ledger Entries that have an Entry Type of Purchase & Invoiced Quantity of 0. All this is fine, until you have a Purchase Order that is associated with a Job, so when you receive the stock, only the Goods Receipt is created – No item ledger entries. As a result, the Stock Received, Not Invoiced report misses off Items that are received not invoiced, but are associated with jobs. The report therefore is misleading. Having spoken to Navision UK, I have adapted a solution proposed by them by adding the Purch. Rcpt. Line Table (T121) to the report. I have added a filter of type is equal to item & Job No. not being equal to blank & adding an appropriate key to speed this up. I would be very interested if anyone has a better solution to this issue as mine has caused the report to run noticeably more slowly. As a postscript – I have tested this issue in GB3.01a version of Attain & this also misses items that have been received for jobs.