stock provided to vendor in AX 4.0

how can we see the stock provided to vendor in AX 4.0??

Move it to a vendor warehouse.

Hi Adam,Thanks for quick reply. You are very correct .

Other than this option is there any field that shows the stock with vendor in following cases:-

1.Vendor who supplies us the raw material (we have purchased it but stock is still with vendor due to xyz resons.)

2.Vendor to whome we send the material for subcontracting.

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  1. The process module add-on had consignment stock capabilities because the standard software does not.

  2. This is consumed when it is sent, unless you transfer it and do not create the PO from the work order, basically it is send and consumed with the transformed version coming back so it is not considered in stock, you could check the generated service PO’s or the subcontracting work to get this sort of stock but really it is gone.