Stock not in ledger (NAV 5.0 sp1)

Hi Folks ,

My customer is going to be manufacture goods for its customer . But the raw material comes from the customer thus it simply is a lease work effort.

Questions :

  • Can I have a warehouse that is not holding our goods (so its not posted to the ledger)
  • Will the mfg process be able to utilize the customer’s raw material and post labour costs to ledger only ?

Is there a standard solution for this ? Or if not what direction should we be following?



Do you need to track and reflect the components in your system?

No you cannot have a warehouse holding valued stock that does not post to the ledger, you can however handle this in a number of other ways.

As standard the posting of the material will be posted, it cannot ignore them and only post labour, but this does not mean it cannot do it.

Helló Adam ,

thx for reply !

I do need to see the stock in quantities and make a stocktake but perhaps with 0 value in ledger ?

I dont get the workaround solution suggested : )



The simplest way is to zero cost the items.

You could cost them and point the posting groups correctly to refelct the moentray value of the stock and the movement, but then when you “manufacture” you will create costing here, or variances at the least, so probably zero costed customer specific item numbers in a separate warehouse would be the best way for you to go.