Stock Ledger Entries in the FIFO method.

I have defined the cost method as the FIFO method,and I create the entries about the stock items, such as ,the positive entries,the purchase entries and the sale entries for I see the movement stock and the cost for each entries.When I see the stock ledger entries in the item casd, the cost of the sale entries are the average cost,I’m very surprise.In the correctly it should be the FIFO cost.So that I do the adjust cost - item entries in the periodic activities for adjust cost in each entries,but the cost for sale entries is the average cost.I don’t know how do I should. Thanks for any help.

Hi, Have you done any customizatiion for Costing method?

No.I don’t have any customized about costing method.Now I use version 3.6.

Hi In the FIFO environment the unit cost field is always updated with the average cost up until the point when the supplier invoice is received and processed correctly and the adjust cost routine and post Inventory to GL is run. You will find all of this under help on the costing methods on the cost fields I think [:D]