Stock keeping Units in 4.00

Has something changed with SKU licensing in 4.00. We had a license recently upgraded from 3.70 to 4.00, in the 3.70 license there were no Stock keeping units, but now they are there in the 4.00 Basically I was testing something for a posting here about SKUs and reordering and transfering, when I realized that I should have been getting an error message and wasn’t, only to find that SKUs were in the license. Or was it just a clerical over sight? My only concern is that someone accidently creates SKUs, and then in the ver 4.01 license the permission is gone, and we have to go and fix it all.

Hi David The amount of license issues we have had I would say it is a clerical oversight. I have a version 3.X license with granule 4045 Stockkeeping Units which should therefore prove it is an oversight [:D]

Just so long as it does not disapear in the next license. [V]

Can granules be taken OUT of your license? I thought they can only ADD to it.

My belief is that you can remove them and pay less support, although I maybe confusing this with another ERP systems vendor [:D]. It makes sense if you do not use the software not to pay maintenance, but if you wanted it back you would have to re-purchase it. From my experience the cutting of a new license is not as simple as adding a required module, otherwise we would not lose them when we get a version 4 license missing granules they had in version 3.7! It MUST be done manually!

Steven, Good luck getting MBS to reimburse you for functionality that you do not use. They look at the total value of the software and take their 15%. I’ve never ever experienced a situation where the client has gotten their money back for a granule they purchased and have subsequently decided to not use anymore. More power to you if you want to take up that battle.

Hi Bill No I think you have misunderstood, they do not get the money back but as the maintenance fee is a percentage of the software used if you are no longer using granules the maintenance goes down, but if you remove them from your license and then decide you want them back you have to re-purchase them as new again.

Steven, thats exactly how I read your reply, not sure what Bill was reading there. I have heard about Navision reimbursing license, but its very very rare, I think it is in the realm of folk lore.