Stock Items by Location

Navision 3.70 question: I have 3 stock locations, each in different cities. I am filling in the purchasing invoices, so that the items, are recieved at these specific locations. When I view the “Items Card > Items by Location”, it is pretty good that, I can see the items “by quantity” in the correct location. No problem, so far. However, “the total value of the stock, at each location by value” is not easy to see. Where, and how can I see the value of the stock accumulating at each of my stock locations? Any hint or help, will greatly help. Thanks.

Running the inventory valuation report with a location filter set should give you an idea. Further you could structure your GL to see this. The inventory posting group posts to the inventory account, and as this is defined by location you could post each location based transaction for the same inventory posting group to individual accounts, giving you the analysis (assuming of course you include the inventory account (interim) to account for the expected costs where the purchase invoice has not been processed, otherwise you will have to run the GRNI report by location and add this to your inventory asset account total.