Stock - in Post/Ship sales lines


I want to create a message alert on Post/Ship sales lines to alert on vendor that inventory for some lines is 0. I would like to create the same procedure that appears when we are creating a sales line with quantity = 0.

I don’t know how?

Hi Luana,

In “Sales & Receivable Setup” “Stockout Warning” field should be set TRUE (default value), I assume it is already set in your database.

The system gives warning while creating a Sales Line if the requirement can’t be fulfilled by inventory availability.

For above you need to change the code on Quantity validation of “Sales Line” table.

Hy Dhan

Yes I have already that check. My problem is when I am posting/Ship my sales lines.

If Inventory for some sales lines is 0, the system post and ships that line, and that is a big problem for me.

I don’t know how alert my vendor that when he is posting/Ship, some lines don’s have any stock.

Any idear my Friends?

If you are end-user, then my suggestion would be contact your implementation partner.

Hy Dhan, I am not a end-user, I am a Programmer Navision beginer, and I am trying to create this situation in a customer and I don’t know how.

Thanks any way :frowning: