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Hi, I’m using Nav 4.0.

When I go to Whse. Phys. Invt. Journals → Function → calculate Inventory

The system ask me key in Whse. Document No.

I understand that Document No. is missing, but the problem is I don’t know how I going to set it.

can any one help me on this. Thanks & Appreciated~ [:)]

Can you show exact error message please?

ohh…I just saw you are an end user…You must need to add a key to Table which may not be possible to you…so you have to contact your partner…

I’ll print screen the error and paste here, by next monday…

You need to specify the document no. series for whse. phys. invt. journals like you did for purchase order,sales order documents in the setup.

Ya…I think so…but not clear where to set up the document no. [:(]

Its better to involve partner if you are not clear what and where to do…

Check your Trial Code Setup ->Warehouse.