Stock Availble but Pick not generating

Hi All I am uning Navision 3.70 A . Stock avaialble in Bin Content but the still pick not generating for the Items . Please help me asap Amol

Few possible problems: 1. Bin is not assigned as Pickable Bin : check that Bin Type has Pick = yes 2. Inventory Reserved To other Sales Order - check Item Leger Entry - Reserved Quantity 3. Pick alredy exist for other or Current Order: Check Open Picks 4. Pick Worksheet line alredy exist: check open pick worksheets.

Hi Still my problem is not solved Please help me asap

Try a new location, Item card, New PO post them to the proper location and Bin. Make sure you Location has Bin Mandatory and Your Location has bin assigned to it. After posting the PO run a report to confirm items exist. Then try the SO with the same location/bin. Good Luck. I’m sure its just a setup that was not check or bin assigned to a specific location.

Hi, I recall this being fixed in 3.70B - there is a bit of doublecounting going on - don’t remember the specifics but suggest going to 3.70B will solve. Cheers, Matthias.