Stock ageing

Hi all!!!

I have made a stock ageing report based on the current location of stock e.g. if I bought a stock of 300 kgs on 1/April/2019 and it is transferred on 05/Nov/2019 it shows the ageing as 0D on the current date and location, but I want the ageing from 1/April/2019 irrespective of how many times it has been transferred.

Any kind of help would be much appreciated.

Could you re-phrase or write more clear (you wrote the report and it is not clear what operations inside)?

what I need here is the ageing of the stock from the day it was entered in the system, no matter on which location it is. If it was purchased on 3/June.2018 and it still has remaining quantity it should show its ageing from 3/june/2017 to the current date.

I understood you very well, but it is your report. What do you have for DataSet? Do you use the “Posting Date” field and|or warehouse entry?

E.g. if you use the “posting date” field from the “Item Ledger Entry” table you never receive 0D for it. => it is hard to help you without additional information!