still sales order is there

Hi ,

I create a sales order No = 100

sales order qty = 2

i dispatch this qty = 1 on 15/11/08

another qty = 1 on 16/11/08

then i go to sales invoice selected the shippments for both shipments, created sales invoice.

But when i go to sales order still sales order is there .

y that sales order is not deleting automaticlly when

order qty = qty to shipped , order qty = qty to invoice.

Please suggest me.

how to delete that order












Annoying isn’t it[:D]

Thank You sir,

I am working on 4.00 sp3 .

Y i have delete manually.

If i create a sales invoice through sales order that means using the Field Qty to Invoice.

Then system automatically deleteing the sales order.

what 's wrong?

Pease suggest me.

The standard deletion of the sales order happens when you invoice from a sales order and the system checks that there is no remaining line with a balance. You are creating one invoice and bringing in shipments, by doing it this way the system is bringing in the shipments, writing the invoiced amount back upon processing the invoice, but the system has no way of knowing if the shipments you have brought in are from every line, it cannot check this as you are not creating the invoice directly from the order.

Essentially the program works different ways depending upon your processing and what it knows when processing, which is why you have to adpat. There is nothing wrong, it is how the system works in your instance. If you want it to delete a fully invoiced order in a combined shipment environment you will need to speak to a developer and get teh system changed.

Thank You sir,

Problem solved.

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