Stcok Movement

Hey i Am looking for a report within navision 2009 rtc that will give me stock movement by month for the whole year i have looked into the stock movement report but its not really what we want. i have looked at analysis by dimension report and think that it will be the best. however i am struggling because all the correct dimensions have yet to be put into the system. so my question is how would i add consumption as a dimension and also sales movement ( so i can use them in analysis by dimension report)

i would like the report to have these columns

item no., description, consumption and sales movement

for each month of the year

any help would be greatly appreciated

Welcome to DUG!!!

First of all you need to understand the functionality of dimension and then apply the same.

Why you want to create consumption as dimension ? What values you are going to put in that dimension ? As consumption is ledger entry .

I would suggest use Analysis Report .

Sorry about the late reply been sick for the past week.

The Report is needed so we can get an average sales/consumption of all items per month for the whole year so we can organize how much stock is required for reorder so in the end i would like a report that has January- December at the top with each month then having stock movement and consumption.

when i talk to the company we have purchased Navision through they recommend that we buy jet reports. however due to the cost of this and knowing this is the only report that we really need to build with jet it seems excessive. but again it makes it difficult because of our staffs general lack of experience in Navision (poor training).

If any one can help me with an alternative solution to spending money on a reporting add-on in would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Heaps Edward J Anson

(Navision 2009 RTC)