Status Of Wireless Protocols

Wireless Protocols seems to be changing so fast that I do not know what’s today most use protocol. I have heard/read that WAP is already pretty much dead or won’t have a very bright future. Can anyone comment on that ? Now we’re left with GPRS and Bluetooth. Which protocol is the most widely use ? (It’s not meant to be a trick question! It’s just that my wireless knowledge = NILL and I am trying to do some catching up in this area!) ######

For starters, I would say, if anyone can predict what’s going to happen, please let me know my 7 lottery numbers :slight_smile: Well, here in Denmark WAP was very much in the media a year ago - hell - Navision even released a WAP toolkit for Navision Financials. Today - Well, I rearly use it, to check my e-mail, and rearly for something different. My personal oppinion, is WAP was doomed by the media from the beginning, and therefore very few companies dared to implement the use of WAP into their business. I also heard, that INODE i Japan is much more sucessfull, than WAP here in Europe - But I don’t know for sure. Just today I saw, on CNN, that GPRS and Bluetooth, are going to fade out, to give way to annother technoligy. I guess, that you just have to “seice the moment” //Henrik Helgesen -: KISS::Keep it Simple, Stupid :-

Here’s a link to something you may be interested in on this topic. It’s almost all the big companies minus Microsoft