Status bar in D365 for Operations

Hello All,

I am new to D365 and trying to find the stuffs we were used to in AX 2012

AX 2012 D365

Jobs → runnable class (@Martin answered it)

Status Bar —> Please help me find where I can status bar info in D365



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As far as I know the Dynamic 365 have no status bar. I’ve already checked in “Google”


Information is available, what are you looking for?

Hi AdamRoue,

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AxDeveloper1 need to know where the status bar is in Dynamic365.


yes there are no more status bar AX-7 onwards.

So as Amit points out you are looking for something in the concept of a “status bar” that does not exist because of the complete redesign of the UI and the move to a web browser, but still depending upon what information you need it is still there in places, for example the company you are in is in the top bar. It is a web browser now, very different.