Statistics group Field In Cust, Vend

Hi Masters,

What is the use of the Field Statistics group In customer and vendor card ?

Please explain this with a suitable example.

Please share your valuable advise.

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Not a field I have used (not on the standard GB/IE cards) but here’s the help on it

Statistics Group Field

Here you can enter a number that assigns this customer to a group for statistical purposes.

The Statistics Group field can be used in connection with the Customer - Summary Aging Simp. report. Once you have divided the customers into statistics groups (by putting all the bigger customers in Group 1 and all the smaller ones in Group 2) you can select to print out information about all the customers in Statistics Group 1, for example.

Th****anks Mr . Dave T, I could not understand your valuable explanation.

Please just throw one practical example on this.

Please do this help.

Please share your ideas…

This is simply a fields that gives you yet another parameter to use in filtering your customers in e.g. reports.

Hansika - how would you like to statistically group your customers?

Business Sector?
Number of Employees?
Male or Female MD/CEO?
Geographical Location?
Do they allow pets on the premises?
What is the predomiant colour of the business logo?
Do they have a CRM system?
Do they have a web presence?
How long have they been a business relation?
If they were a fish which fish would they be?
Do they think Jaffa Cakes are Cakes or Biscuits?

etc etc etc