Static discount % in sales line

Hi I have a little problem…a customer have a few wishes…he don’t want the “discount %” in sales line to be lost when he want to change the quantity in sales line. Example he once registered “Qty”=10 and “Discount %”= 20. He want the “Discount %” to be remain when he change “Qty” to 20. He also want if there is a “Quantity Disc. %” for the Item then “Quantity Disc. %” is to be valid. Have anyone a suggestion how to solve the problem??[?]

Hi, Please check the code of OnValidate Trigger for Quantity in Sales Line table( id-37). There code is written to validate the Quantity Discount %.

Hi I have check the code in table 37, but I couldn’t find a good solution I really don’t know if I should use variable or field to save “Discount %”. I am still a rookie. The scenarios is: 1. You register an Item with qty 10 and “discount %” 10 2. You change qty to 20 and want with “discount %” 10, u don’t want to register “discount %” 10 one more time. It’s sound like a easy problem but give me headache…[xx(]