Starting Services on Server

We stop and start the Navision service automatically overnight to do our backup. Every 6/8 weeks the service does not start and gives the error “Incorrect Function”. Rebooting the server solves the problem. Does anyone know why this happens ?

Hi, If you do have the specific error code, you can obtain a clue from Microsoft’s Knowledge Base (, but my guess is a filled up pagefile. In that case the error should not return if you entirely reboot the server. This can also be scheduled with the AT command, running a program called ‘Reboot.exe’, from the NT Server Resource Kit (NT4)

Paul : Have you checked NT’s event log file ? Maybe an entry there might point out where’s the problem

Are you allowing enough time for your backup to finish before the service starts? Simon

I have checked the error log - the message is: Event ID 7023 Source Service Control Manager Type Error Category None The Financials Server NAVLIVE service terminated with the following error: Incorrect Function. The Microsoft site didn’t really provide any insight. Our backup finishes at 1.40am and the services are started at 6am. I am completely stumped - it is the fact that it is intermittant that worries me - it is now occuring at least once per week.