Starting Production/Batch Order Control

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in AX 2012 R2, is it possible to prevent production/batch order from going into Start status if the on-hand quantity of any BOM/Formula raw materials is not enough to cover estimated quantity for this order so it is possible to avoid any stock out or shortage for started orders?

Basically no due to how this would prevent flexibility to many businesses, route consumption, part starting, operation starting etc. etc. You can see what is unavailable, and the planner should be re-scheduling based upon this impact, so if you have a planner it is arguably not a required function as they are doing this anyway.

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From different way, is there any set-up parameter that prevent creation of picking-list as a whole if on-hand quantity of any ingredient is not enough instead of planning new purchase/production order for such insufficient ingredients ?

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The picking list can either be created for all or just the amount in stock from a parameter on the start of production. However planning will still plan because the top level is needed as per the calculations, so if you need 10 and this is a demand for 10 components of which you have 8 in stock you need 2 so it will plan to get 2, irrelevant of whether you pick 2 or not.

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