Starting new financial year


we are not going to start a new financial year yet, but I’ve thinking about it and I wonder how to face it. I refer to history data like quotes, orders, etc…:

  • will this data be stored for “all life” on table?, I suppose is hard to maintain tables with thousand and thousand of records
  • is creating a new company for every financial year a good practice? (I suppose NO)

I would like to take advantage with this topic for users to talk about their experience [:D]

I never seem companies creating a new company for each new fiscal Year. It would be a hard work to setup every parameter in each fiscal year. If you have a huge database you could use data compression.

I won’t recommend creating a new company for each new fiscal year, because you also will lose the ability to compare to previous year directly in Navision.

Just a personal opinion.

in NAV we usually keep one continuous database for all years, but for ex, documents can be deleted once printed.

regarding the Entry tables, you can use the “Date Compress” batches to reduce the number of entries

The new company option for a new financial year was suggested to me last week but I was sure that wasn’t the right way, I didn’t knew the “Date Compress” functionality, I will work on it.

Thanks for your comments guys !!