Starting Navision Attain Developer Toolkit

Hi… I have a problem with exporting and importing objects in text format in database for Navision Attain Developer Toolkit.There is a table which is made by localization and I have no right to export it from database.It is not so bad, but I also have no right to import tables (same basic like Payment Terms).I receive a message that I don’t have rights to create this table.What would I do? P.S. I have superuser rights becuse I am a NSC developer. Thank you

When exporting to text file you can exclude these objects from export list. And you have to import standart system objects in standard CRONUS database and replace them all.

I did it in a first tray but I still have the same problem.

Hi mirjanam! Yes, this problem is realy present. Before export all object from Navision, you must set filter on ALL objects like this: (<14954)|(14955…10011950)|(10011954…99001849)|(>99001851) And then try to export all object in text file[:)]

I tried with filtering but nothing. What is logic of this filtering? Do you have same other idea?

Hello, first you have to export all Objects from your Database in Txt Format. For some Objects your dont have permission and your have to filter them out, like RRiver said. When your have the Textfile you have to start the Developers Toolkit and open the Database with the objects from the Toolkit. Then you have to Import the Textfile with the Toolkit.

I still have a problem.A cant import text objects.I don’t have right to create table Payment Terms/That is the first object I import.

You have to import objects in standard database NOT NEW AND EMPTY ONE! Take demo database from installation CD and import into it!

You have to create a new Database with Navision. There you have to import the fob file from the Developers Toolkit. Then you have to open the Database with the Developers Toolkit. With the Toolkit you have to import the Txt file. For me it sounds like you try to import the Textfile with the Navision client in a new Database.

I solved my problem.I didn’t have appropriate version of Developer toolkit. Thank you