starting date and ending date

Hi ,I created a Item A . Inventory = 0. Replenish ment process = Production.I created a sales order for that item qy = 10 shipment date = 11/30/05And I created another sales order for that item qy = 10 shipment date = 12/31/05.Now when I run the planning worksheet .It created a two lines the duedate fields for both lines are 11/30/05………. 12/31/05.But the starting date and ending date for the both lines are 12/31/04………… 12/31/04.

The production forecast field is Blank in Manufacturing set up.

Why it is showing like this ?

Could any body explain ?

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So if you run it for any other item do you get a year to ship it?

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I am working on cronus database version sp3.

Even i run for ther items it is showing in the same year 2004 .

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So every item is suggesting a starting date of 2004?

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For every record in the MRP it is showing in the same way ?

Please let me know how it is caluclating the starting date and the ending date ?


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It depends what is driving

For pure stocking level demand the date the reorder point is broken, for process driven demand the date the demand is required. It takes the required date and this will become the end date, the start date then depends upon the leadtimes set in the system. There are a few overlays to this where handling time etc will add time in, but the basic starting point is as I describe it.

Put on a sales order for shipment on 31/07/08, run the plan and you will see your end date.