Starting Database on WinNt 4.0

I have installed NetBios on all machines and the database starts just fine on the NT, but I cannot connect to the database with more than one client at the time, I always get the message that the OS cannot get access to the file, check priv/access - I have full share on the NT. I hope that someone can assist and tell me what’s wrong/missing/I’m doing wrong. Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist me.

Did you find a solution ?

Hi there, First of all let it be known that we run NF with the TCP protocol instead of NetBIOS. The problem you describe defines an exclusive lock on the DB file, meaning that the first user ‘blocks’ the entire database for further access. In my opinion you should, first of all, check wether or not the database service on the NT Server is up and running. This can be done from Control Panerl → Services (the service must be started). Next, check on the client if the connection is to the database server or a database file (can be consulted from the Installation and System Management manual). With our installation we’ve once experienced the same problem due to protocol errors, but this seems exclusively for use with TCP/IP. Good luck!