Starting cside.chm from outside Navision

Hi, I really would like to start cside help file (scide.chm) from outside Navision with a index and/or a search string as a parameter. thx!

Hi Emiel I played a lot with chm - files while testing for the ‘Print to Word’ - thread. I tried to get the field help by reference. I didn’t found a way to get the data [:(]. If you found something it would be great if you would post it here. bye André

Hi Emiel, Maybe Jan Hoek from MBS Netherlands in Barneveld knows how to do this. Het knows a lot about online-help. Kind regards, Herman Veerkamp

I know, he’s an old collega of mine, I was hoping he would show up and give me a answer. BTW Herman, your Enlish is quite good for a 13 year old boy :wink: Check your age, or do you want to leave it a secret?

Emiel, As far as I know, this is not possible. You can pass -mapid {id} {chm} as a command line to hh.exe, the HTMLHelp Viewer app. The {id} is a numeric topic ID; the {chm} is the full path of the help file. Topic IDs are assigned to topics by the help author. In the case of cside.chm, there’s a text file cside.h, which looks like this: #define A_4911 1 #define A_4911_1 2 #define A_4911_2 3 #define A_4911_3 4 #define A_4911_4 5 #define A_26117_23 6 #define A_26117_22 7 #define A_26117_19 8 #define A_26117_18 9 #define A_26118_17 10 #define A_26118_16 11 #define A_26121_5 12 #define A_26121_8 13 #define A_26121_9 14 #define A_26125_3 15 #define A_26125_7 16 […] This means that if you pass 10 as the {id}, you ought to get topic A_26118_17. For some reason, the results are sometimes close to, but not exactly what you would expect. Again, until someone proves the opposite, I don’t think it’s possible.

Hi It’s only an idea - the other way. You will get a much better help file [;)]. Put this code below behind a button. Name DataType Subtype Length IE Automation 'Microsoft Internet Controls'.InternetExplorer **OnPush()** IF CREATE(IE,TRUE)THEN; IE.Visible(TRUE); IE.Navigate(''); bye André

Is it possible to extract help topics from the help files to html or better a text file?

Hi Emiel


Originally posted by eromein
Is it possible to extract help topics from the help files to html or better a text file?

YEP. Read: bye André

yes… ok mmmmm… ok… eeeeeh… here it is. But sssssssssssssssssssstt, it’s a secret project i’m working on, don’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you. And listen carefully… I’ll say this only ones! I would like to make it possible to search the Navision help file from a webpage. If an user wants to know something about ‘setrange’ the result should be the setrange helptext from the Navision help file. But becouse it’s not possible search a help file outside from the helpfile itself, I wanted to import the complete helpfile into a sql database. Or create a html file per helptext and search the directory with all helptext files on keywords. Plus I want to keep the HTML format of the helptext. see?

That’s perfectly well possible. Use Microsoft HTMLHelp workshop to decompile cside.chm - that will give you a large collection of HTML files, each containing the information from one help topic.