Starting Attain 3.7 directly with a transaction?

Hello, ist it possible to start Navision Attain 3.7 directly with a special tranaction, for example the customer creation window? A customer of us uses this software and wants to start Attain transactions from a HTML process flow. And if it is possible, how? :slight_smile: Thanks for your answers. Best regards Conni

If what you’re asking is if you can start navision for a user on a specific form the answer is yes. You’re just having to setup on the user setup (under general ledger->setup->user setup) the number of the form you’re wanting that user to start on. When the user opens the program he’ll be automatically be directed to that form, also it will be the form that will prompt if the client press F12 or clicks on the top right navision icon.

try this: Go to customer card. Click File->Send->Link by e-mail or Shortcut on Desktop. You will get links to the customer card that you might be able to use in your html-workflow.

@ Beaver: Thanks a lot for your answer. That works really fine [:D] Best regards Conni

Did you try to use the Smart tag developer toolkit?