starter question

Hi, I have navision at my work and would like to start testing some changes . What I would like to know If I make a new database say “x.fdb” psw = “PS” & make a new company say"X" now I make a new user “super” and add this user to the super group when I then shutdown the prog an dopen it using the super user I cannot or don’t have the permission to add or edit a table what am I missing ? kind regards Kevin

I’ve done some research and found that the system 9020 has to be active as it is an that I have to have form edit in the license that I haven’t can enyone tell me the best way to go from here as I would like to start learning the basics and later on how to program in navision. this for myself , not for the company thanks Kevin

if it’s not in your license, who made the “changes”? or Do you want to make changes and would like to do them in a test database first? Tools->License Information Do you have Grans for Table Deisgner Form Designer Report & Dataport Designer

Thanks for your reply It is a database made by a ex mother company the 3 grans are not in the license I asked a consultant and the price for the 3 grans is 709 euro’s each I just want to make a test database and start learning on this test database and later on maybe change the existin database the flf file contains sales buying stock… but no design grans the reason for why is because I have several years experience in erp and want to learn others like navision as this look’s good for the end users others aren’t so user frendly Kevin

Hi Kevin, although your initial post was a bit confusing, it does look like you are on the right path. I would suggest that since you are going to be settign up this test environment, and working on it regularly, that it would make sense to get your NSC in for a couple of hours to just go through the admin aspects of creating test databases, and licensing issues. Of course you can get most of that help here, but the NSC route will probably get you up and running faster, and thus get you learnign faster.