Start with Bins in WMS

We use version 3.70B US with Warehouse Management but until now without the bins. Now we upgraded our license and reorganised our warehouse and want to start using the bins. When I go in the Warehouse Management Setup and open an location card to change the field “Bin Mandatory” to ‘Yes’, it doesn’t allow me because “You cannot change Bin Mandatory because there are one or more open ledger entries in this location”. In fact, this correct because we are using this location since more then 5 years and there are lot of open orders, shipments, picks, etc. What are my options? Do I have to start with a new location and change all my orders? And move my inventory to that new location? Many Thanks, Dany

Hi, check out report 5757 and report 5756. Report 5756 will create the warehouse location for a existing location for you.

Hi Dany As standard you do need to create new locations and move your stock, at this point you will tell Navision which bin it is in, you will then need to update all open orders. The developers may have a “quicker” solution but I am unsure. If you want to retain continuity of location you can rename your current location and create your new one as the old name, but the initial renaming renames it everywhere, customer records, supplier records, transfer orders, sales orders etc etc.

Hi Steven, You don’t necessarily need to go through all that trouble. Just setup your bins, and run report 5756. It’ll put all of your existing inventory into the Adjustment Bin. From there, you can move it to your regular bins.

Hi Sorry you are absolutely correct, as long as you have all licenses for WMS. I recently had to do this with a user who used bins, and inventory picks and put-aways. They wanted to undertake this themselves (more generalised housekeeping) and as they only had this level of access, and not full WMS, they did not have access to the create warehouse location function. My memory was obviously clouded by this annoying memory [:D]