Start production order

Using AX2012 is it possible to review in advance material availability prior to starting a Work order

Is it also possible to prevent an order from starting if you do not have sufficient material to produce the product - the client will not be using auto post the picking list at start - so they will not have the system review, issue and consume on start

Alternatively from master planning is it possible to not Firn a production order if material is not available

Parameters are set for finite material


The review can be seen from the Inquiries - Explosion.

As standard it is not possible to prevent starting for very good reasons irrelevant of when you post material. Master planning also has to allow the firming, because it is nothing at this state perhaps not even released. You would need to modify the start routine to prevent this in reality.

Hello Adam

Are you referring to the View - Explosion - and critical on hand inventory


From the production order there is an Inquiry and Explosion option, this tells you where the stock is in essence, although you may need to update it to move received PO into on hand depending upon your plan updates.