Start journal lines form by code?

Hi! I need to do the following: I fill up the ProdJournalTable and ProdJournalProd tables with values. Then, I want to call the form ProdJournalTransProd to show the lines of the created journal. But the form needs some JournalFormTable object initialised. So: did anybody make some code to call any journal lines form by code? BR, Helmut

Hi Helmut, I am note sure what you mean by “calling journal lines form by code”. Usually for importing open transactions, I create one journal manually and populate journal lines by code. If you feel it would be of interest to you, please let me know. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi The problem is not to fill the tables with records but to open the journal lines form. I have put an attachment which should work on a standard Axapta 3.0SP3 with the international demo data. It creates a journal and 1 line for that journal in the “run” method. In the method CallProdJournalProd, the form “ProdJournalTransProd” should be called. I want to display the lines of the journal. Just as if I clicked on the “lines” button of the ProdJournalTable form. But in the called form, it needs some data I’m just too stopid to figure out. BR Helmut
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