Start form default values:

Start form default values:
1.what is function of the tick “reference”?
2.what is meaning of three different option is “Automatic route consuption & automatic BOM consuption”?
3. what is function of create journal per?
4.what is function of physical reduction
5.what is function of pick negative
6.what is function complete picking list journal.
7.End marking route & pick list end marks them in every condition or there are some exceptions?
8.what is function of “Insert All” button


  1. Starts referenced production at the same time
  2. Always means create it whatever, never means do not create at start and routing group means look at the routing group settings
  3. You can create a picking list per operation if you link consumption to op steps.
  4. It physically reduces stock based upon other settings.
  5. It will drive stock negative if the stock model group allows
  6. It will bring in all lines. If a line does not have a calculated consumption it would be ignored.
  7. End mark is ticked, saves you ticking it to close the journal - assuming one is created.
  8. I do not have an insert all, I have a select to chose multiple orders at once.