Standardisation/integration of several Navision installations

Dear all!

we are a global organisation and we plan to migrate our several Navision databases into one core system. In order to create a common base we want to harmonize our master data (i.e. customer no, item no, vendor no, chart of accounts, etc).

My question is now, if you can give me any advises how to manage this. Do you know about existing standards i.e. for item numbering?? Where can I find such informations.

Thanks a lot for your efforts in advance!



if you treat it like any migration you will probably get the best result. Perhaps consider the following :

Do you have a master company already to use as a template ?

If so you have your start point. If not create a template company based on your biggest user company as changing this one will be a bit of a challenge. By definition they would have the most customers - items etc.

Consider your reporting structure to group, as this is the chart of accounts starting point. We took our group structure - then honed into our trading areas and yes we have many extra G/L accounts not being used, however when it comes to reporting the structures match so we don’t have to do a lot of data crunching.

Consider that all documentation will have standard lay-outs across companies and the implications positive and negative for this.

Finally for this post - consider - think - check - consult - think again - consider - consult and then act. It will save a lot of pain.



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