standard cost

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item X with costing methode = standard at the moment

if we forgot from the first to enter the standard cost , how can we reavulate the cost for all the previous entries .

how can we adjust the standard cost on the finished production order.

You cannot, I believe, alter the cost of the finished production order, however a revaluation journal will revalue the cost of the item, you can also update teh standard cost of the item. However you will need to address the variance postings from standard and the finishing of production, a manual change I would guess. Not something I have really looked at I am afraid.

I thought you could, isn’t that what the standard cost worksheet is for?

The standard cost worksheet will update the standard costs and revalue inventory, but it will not affect any of the statistics against the finished production order, which I took the statement to mean.

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thank you all for your reply …

that’s what i am expecting it’s hard to adjust the cost until the level of finished production order . So at least i will adjust cost on the level of item card to correct the new production orders going to be entered.

so what is the perfect way to revaluate the standard cost on the item card ?? which batches i need to run and how ?

and after that i wil run adjust cost batch to adjust the actual cost in the item ledger entry

thank you again

Start with the standard cost worksheet to adjust the standard cost.

thank you AdamRou