standard cost variance analysis report

I am looking for a purchase price variance report in AX 2012 for our accounting department to use, and I came across this page on Microsoft TechNet:

About halfway down, it says “Use the Standard cost variance analysis report to analyze the historical purchase price and production variances, and to suggest a new standard cost.”

Where is this standard cost variance analysis report? I cannot find it anywhere!

Hopefully someone can help!

Inventory Management - Reports - Analysis - Fixed Receipt Price Deviations.

This one?

Unless we have something missing in our setup, I don’t think that is the report I am looking for. When I run the fixed receipt price deviations report, it comes up empty; even though we have multiple entries in our purchase price variance ledger account. What our accountants are looking for, is a report where they can see the difference in actual purchase prices and our standard costs. The report would ideally be ran to show this variance on a per item basis. Anything like this in AX 2012?

So what about the variance analysis statement below if you do not set the fixed price on the item group?

What about the standard cost transaction inquiry in inventory and warehouse management?

Those two options seem to get halfway there. I can see how much PPV there was as a whole, but after talking to one of our accountants, for example, they would like to see:

Part XYZ has a standard cost of $1.81, but we purchased part XYZ on average at a price of $1.85. They want to see that subtle difference so they know how far from standard they are purchasing product, and whether or not to update the standard.

I don’t really work in accounting, so I hope that this kind of makes sense. Thanks for the feedback.

It is the on average part you will not get - AX calculates teh PPV to the ledger on a transaction basis, if you wanted to see an average price over time and therefore a variance to standard it could be different.

I would say when anyone wants a specific report for a specific reason and the standard options do not give them what they want and you cannot convince them to use them then you write a report to achieve this. To be honest if the PPV was structured in the ledger by item you would be told of the need by the PPV entries, but this would be too extensive, but item group maybe possible as an indicator and starting point. The issue you have is with the requested report one anomaly of a transaction will cause review, so they need it at transaction level anyway, which they have!