Standard Cost Transactions Inquiry screen in AX2012


Looking for documentation of how the standard cost transactions with variance types etc. shown in the screen ‘Inventory management/Inquiries/Transactions/Standard cost transactions’ is generated.

Appreciate your help.

The Inquiry is only a reporting tool in AX that is pulling information that has already been calculated. When items are set up as Standard cost in the Item model group, that determines how the cost is going to be generated. Only the items that are created with Standard cost in the Item model group will show up in that inquiry.

If you go to Inventory management > Setup > Costing > Costing versions, that is where your Standard cost should be set up. You can click on Standard cost, then click on the Price dropdown to see pending and active prices for Standard cost. Within that, you can see the cost rollup, margin alerts, etc. that have been set up for the costing of that item.