standard cost rollup


I am new to Ax2009 standard costing method. I need advice for the functionality.

Let sat i have a simple BOM 2 level. All is setup with standard costing.

Level 0. FG , std cost USD 20

Level 1. SubBom , std cost USD 20

Level 2. Rawmat A, Std cost USD 5

Level 2. Rawmat B, std cost USD 15

If let say, i re-valuate the Rawmat A, Std cost to USD 7.

If there any function in Ax2009 that can help us to roll up the cost for Level 1 and Level 0 ?


Have you tried by running the calculation from costing version? (for Level 0 item)

Hi Kranthi,

BOM calculation for standard cost item only can calculate 1 level.
It not able to explode until the lowest level.

It has to be done level by level - you cannot explode a standard cost through multiple levels in AX2009.

If i have many BOM and each BOM have few level. Then it will be a lot of job to do, means roll up from lower level to upper level. Is it correct?

From memory (as it is AX2009) you would need to identify the items by “level” and then run the batch routine for that level.
However this is a standard cost update, this means your cost is set for an accounting period, usually a financial year with the variances being analysed by the cost accountant and then making adjustments for the future period based upon trends and costs. So you should not be doing this daily, that would not be the point of standard costing!


If my customer have new product/ bom every week, is it mean they have no choice to perform the BOM calculation every week for multi level from bottom to top ?
Pls advice.


No you can create it just for the top level, assuming the standards of the lower sub-levels remain standard.