Standard Cost Revaluation in AX 2012

Hi all…

I have question regarding STD cost Model. I initially purchased an Item using the PO and one transaction has been created in the Invent Trans.

When I change the STD cost of the item and activate the price, the original transaction in Invent Trans gets split into 2 inventtrans records. Does anyone know why this happens.


What is the difference between the two transactions? I don’t think that the actual transaction will split based on the standard cost activation.

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for the reply.

Let me explain clearly. I received 100 qty against PO with price 2$ and invoiced the PO at that time only one transaction was created in Inventory Transactions.After that I changed and activated my standard cost for the item form 2$ to 1.5$,after activation original inventory transaction is being split into two entries with Qty 80 and 20.The on-hand inventory still showing 100 but whenever I tried to transfer the Qty through transfer journal it was throwing an error message that only 100 can not be picked only 20 is available in inventory.

Here I have 2 qusetions

1)Why the original transaction spilt into 2 after changing/updating the STD cost.

2)Why only 20 is allowing to transfer,even though it has showing 100 on-hand.

Please help me to resolve the issue.

The remaining qty could have been reserved by another issue, can you check if there is something in reservation?

I verified everything there is no other transaction being created against that item except two transactions which I’ve explained above.

If possible, Would you be able to shows us the onhand details (cost, qty details)