Standard cost for all items

Hi All ,

I have over 400 products in stock and have just completed the Routings for each Item. I now want to calculate the Standard Cost of all 400 items in Ax 2012 R2 . How to caluclate the standard cost for these products of 400 in one shot ?

Go to the costing version and run the calculation.

Thanks steven ,

Assume that to produce a FG item …required the following information.

costing method - Standard

RAW 1 - 1 Pcs - $10

RAW 2 - 2 Pcs - $20

Overhead - $15

Machine cost - 1 Hour - $50

So total cost of FG - $95

…my question is when we caluclating the standard cost in costing version … how does system will consider the machine cost as costing version does not have the option to select the machine cost in Ax 2012 R2 ?

or did i miss something ?

Thanks in advance

You build the machine cost into one of several places

  1. You could add it as a cost category run time against the resource depending upon route structure or resources.

  2. You add it into the costing version in the same way you would an overhead, it is just a different category.