Standard cost conflict in AX 2009

Dear experts,

i’m getting this error message during post receive in item arrival journal. Can anyone explain to me why this is happening and how to resolve this?

please advise. Thanks in advance.

Dear all,

The update conflict error is occur because the standard cost aren’t same while post Receiving. During picking list registration, system took 9.0198 as the cost price for that item. When we try to receive the item after the cost updated as per current date to 9.4638, system prompting the error saying “The standard cost does not match with the financial inventory value.”

Please advise how to resolve this issue and receive the item. Thank you.

Hi Tiya,

I suggest you to try doing the Unpick and do the pick again. Observe what is the cost that it considered when you do the recent pick. Then go on with “Receiving”. I believe it should work.