standard cost change on item

This is weird…

Yesterday a sales manager changed the Standard Cost on an Item. He dropped the price from some number to $3500. He came in, happen to be in the same item, and saw that the Standard Cost had changed from $3500 to $3716.

He asked me to go into my change log and find how changed it and why. My change log does not show anyone changing it in the past 24 hours…even his doing yesterday. I did see that he changed it today from $3716 to $3500.

When I look at the Item, it says a different standard cost…$3800. What’s going on???

PS, the Auto Cost Posting is turned on in the Inventory setup, but set to “Never”

1/ What is the costing method?

2/ Is this a Manufactured Item?

3/ Does it have a BOM?

It could be that someone ran the Update Standard cost routine, which since its code, will not update the change log.

However, I’m still unclear as to why the number went up in the first place. As far as I can so no one else touched it.

That’s very odd, code should not normally make entries to the change log, so this indicates that you have some cusotmizations to the system.

I would suggest looking at the mods as the source of this. Standard Navision should not do this. Find out from your NSC/VAR what mods they made.

Just to follow up, 2 days later the number changed again. This time there was an entry in the Change Log and I told the people inquiring who to scold.

Thanks for the advice!

Change log is handy like that!