Standard Cost Calc. LIFO environment

In a LIFO based environment, our customer wants to use the ‘Calculate Standard Cost (all levels)’ to make pricing decisions. Any advices, suggestions, problems experienced with such setup, warnings. etc. /Morten ------------------------ Morten K. Barfoed Datatech S.p.A ------------------------

Hi, I feel like it will work. I see only one potential problem. Navision use field “Unit Cost” during standard costs calculation. If you use Standard Costing system “Unit Cost” equal “Standard Cost”. When you use LIFO “Unit Cost” equal “Average Cost”. If user made mistake and post wrong purchase cost for Raw Material system will recalculate Average Cost. If user will just post Credit Memo and new Purchase Invoice the “Average Cost” field will have wrong value. If cost accountant recalculate Cost all finished goods that have this Raw material will have wrong cost. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.