Standard Cost Adjustment

Does anyone have an idea as to why on a standard costed item, if I run the adjust cost item entries routine, it generates a reversing value entry, therefore giving a net value movement for that item ledger entry of 0. ie, if it was a negative movement, it then generates a positive entry? The quantity is unaffected.



Hi Andrew

This will not be the case in all scenarios I presume or all of your stock will be 0. I would suggest you tell us teh version you are running and any particular settings. You should see any variance posted at invoice, the adjust cost item entry should not adjust this as you are standard costed. Any costing modifications?

4.03, and no mods whatsoever. Its strange, I have worked with costing in NAV for many years, and something very peculiar is happening. If I don’t run it, then the stock stays alligned with the G/L, so the obvious answer to myself is “Don’t run it!!”. No manufacturing is being used, just Bom journals. Its the kind of thing that if a user raised the issue, then they would be advised to contact their reseller, unfortuantely thats me, and I am at a loss. Expected cost posting is on, and all items are standard costed.


As a reseller I will presume you have gone through the partnersource knowledgbase. Your next step is to replicate it in Cronus and log it, it may simnply be a bug! I do not have that version so I cannot confirm or deny what you are seeing. However is this on “every” transaction? If it is then I would suggest it is a bug, if not there is somethign peculiar set up against the item/PO/SO and you maybe able to narrow his down. It is a straightforward buy/sell relationship no returns involved I presume?