Standard Capacity Cost

Hi ,

I am doing the following steps : After each released order – I do manual consumption —then manual output …then change status of the released Prod order to finished Prod order

at the moment of refreshing the Released Production order —> going to F9 or Production Statistics

at the level of Material cost every thing is right

At the level o f Capacity cost… I am facing a problem … Standard cost for Capacity is not shown (here is my question) …while expected Capacity cost is shown

As I know This standard cost for capacity is based on standard routing .

So What it can be ?? why this field is not shown ? In cronus is shown in the old finished Production orders , But also is not shown at any new released production order that I am trying to do .

Thank you

Have you created a routing for the Assembly?

Have you ste the Production Routing No. on the Item card to point to that Routing?

Have you created the Work Centres / Machine Centres with costs?

When you press F9 on production orders, standard cost is Item standard cost,

You must calculate It from Item o standard cost worksheet and apply it.

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Hi Jonathan ,

Yes for the 3 questions above , all done … that why I am still surprised why it didn’t work …

Thank you any way for you help

Hi Augusti,

I mean Capacity standard cost …if you mean the same … wher I can find the standard cost work sheet.

Thank you for your help