Stablish the questioner in Ax 2012

Hello ALL,

Is in Ax 2012 it possible that we can create our own aptitude test / reasoning test to hire the employee



Yes you can, try this link…/aa550062.aspx

Thank for the reply
i have followed the steps

but not able to get how to set the question for that test …

You can find in Home > Common > Questionnaires > Design > Questionnaires> Design>Questions
You can create a new question and enter the relevant details in specific tabs.
In Text tab you can actually add the description of questions.

Try to read completely. Here is the tutorial…/

Thank for the link

i followed the steps and hence succeed to create the question …

but my confusion is how the answer will store in the system

and where we will see the result of the person who ans the question .
is there any report or something else

Please have a look at…/aa498588.aspx for more details.

Thank for the support .

There are some douts of mine
1- Is it possible that user can write the ans also instead of ( checkbox and etc)
2- is multiple user can give the test … and how the data will be stored in the table .
3-Can we see the combine report of all the user who has been given the test.
4- Can we able to set our own criteria of passing the test