SSRS - Using data method for parameter AX_CompanyName

I have ax2009 with reporting tools.

We have 2 companies in AX…

I have a report that can be run by users that have rights on one company only or on both of them.

Users want to be able to switch company by using a parameter.

What I did so far is :

  • Set default parameter AX_CompanyName to visible.
  • I try switching company by adding records in the non-query fields, that it works.
  • But some user have access to only one company, so the dropdown list must have just the good company. So i create a data method that build a datatable with companies the user can see. The problem is that I have this error "A cycle was detected in the path ‘AX_CompanyName → DataParamCie (my dataset) → AX_CompanyName’. Thats logic because all queries receivent the company Id from AX_CompanyName but I my data method fill the AX_CompanyName.

Is this possible for a data method to say dont use dataareaid for this query or something like that ?

Do you have another idea ?


Im back with this project after vacation, no one have an idea how I could do that ?

If you can send me the xpo of this I will try to work around

Have you tried this one? I also have same issue. Plz help me