SSRS Tablix with group by in Tablix Cell problem


I have a tabe with Customer name and item category,

I need tablix structure like this: (Green must me group by Itemid, yellow must be group by hashtag, but under hasttag it might be more than 1 line, like 3 sales lines with the same hashtag = 1 header green line, 1 header yellow line, 3 yellow detail lines)

How to achieve it ? Example is below

ItemId , Product description, Price, Qty

100, Big item, 175, 30

Hashtag : 1234

20 random row data, 150, 5

Hasttag : 9876

40 random row data 150, 5

30 random row data 200, 10

10 random row data 200, 10

ItemId , Product description, Price, Qty

200, Small item, 175, 30

Hashtag : 12345

20 random row data, 175, 30

You need one one grouping by item and another by HashTag. Look at Understanding Groups in SSRS if you don’t know how to create groups.

If i do group by ItemId + Child group by HashTag it both of hashtag and itemId columns are on the left, i need them in rows as headers for data, not on the left :slight_smile:

And HashTag header for rows must not appear 3 times for 3 rows, but if its the same, it must be only 1 header for row below ItemId group by row, i know how to do ItemId column left hide + add it on the row… but how to deal with the HashTag then