SSRS shows random symbols


i developed a new ssrs design and the problem is that new fields in Sales Invoice sometimes shows random symbols, like chinese or random strings instead of data from fields, what could be the problem ?

Can you give us an example of how it looks like?
Does it mean that the problem is just with your new fields, not the standard ones?
Can you elaborate what you mean by “sometimes”?

Fields are new fields on sales invoice header and lines tables for report, only with them on new sales invoice design

if i launch it 4 times:

  1. first time it sometimes gives random symbols like “stela” instead of customer “vin100”
  2. second time it gives 0 instead of 3040
  3. gives some chinese symbols
  4. runs ok, all the data in new fields is correct

What do you see when you debug the RDP class? Is the data wrong there, or does the report shows rubbish despite of RDP providing correct values?

Here is an example of random data…/problem.jpg

in debugger i can see that values in fields are correct, but report shows something like this sometimes

Is the field directly bound to a datasource field, or do you have some additional logic there?
Does it happen when previewing in Visual Studio, or when it’s deployed to the actual report server?

Yes, directly, no additional logic, cant test it in visual studio preview : (

What’s the problem with preview?